The first day to the rest of my life

Posted On: June 30, 2020
Studio: Whitechapel Studios, London

The pandemic raised a lot of unanswered questions after the contracts from my consultancy business dried up. I had nothing to do so I began asking myself what had I not done with my life that I had always wanted to do? For years I looked in the mirror and knew there was something there that could be marketed on the cover of a magazine or on a screen but I had never acted upon it?

The more I thought about why I had not delved into the dark arts of modelling the more it felt like a paradox. I know I have something to offer so why have I not investigated. And so after several months of lock down here I am with my own website I have a mini portfolio and I was given positive feedback that can build a promising career. To say I am thrilled with the outcome is an understatement. Thankyou to Clay and all of the Whitechapel Studio. I should have taken the opportunity to do this a long time ago.

Whoever reads this wish me luck!

Stewart Paterson