The Calmest and Most Relaxed Environment

Posted On: June 3, 2020
Studio: Birmingham Studio, Birmingham

Yesterday (2/6/20) I drove to your Birmingham Studio to have my test shoot. I loved every minute of, everyone was so polite and relaxing to be around, it made the whole experience enjoyable and I truly believe that is how work should be, enjoyable, nobody wants to get up in a morning at the crack of dawn if they don’t love their job, I’ve always been lucky too but that is because when I go in for an interview I have a choice to make to, to ask if it is the environment I want to work in. Yesterday it was, both receptionists were smiling and chatty to both myself and others. The photographer was talkative and it turns out we use the same physio centre, what a small world. Then Fran was by far the most bubbly person I think I have ever met and I work with children! I’m excited to get this new part of my life on the go!

Holly-Elizabeth Smith