Succesful Day!

Posted On: August 14, 2019
Studio: Chatley Street Studio, Manchester

Uppon a ttending my test shoot I wasn’t too confident, having attended many test shoots where hundreds of pounds are required from you at the end, I didn’t wait to long in the vibrant and inviting offices of the Overbridge studio. I had my shoot with friendly and professional photographers, who let you have free reign on your choice of pose, the offer direction but you feel free to express yourself. I waited only a short time belfore being told I had been successful, I have only paid for my photos as I had none from previous, the service is proffesional constructive and friendly.You can tell from that pokint on that the team really care about your progression within the industry, their support and services don’t just stop after the shoot either…. curently waiting on the agencies to begin contacting me but know if I have queries I can always go back to Online Booking Team for advice and guidence!!!

Dan Timblin