Professional and a one of a kind experience!

Posted On: November 13, 2019
Studio: Camden Studio, London

Having been invited to attend a photo shoot at the Camden Studios, i must say it was a mixture of emotions. My initial impression was a calm and warm presence amongst the team. From when i arrived, when i undertook the photo shoot i was looked after so well. The photographer Bernadette was very personable and professional and made me feel at ease when taking the photos. The photo shoot just got better and better as time went by. As for Clay who interviewed me, his knowledge and support throughout my time at Camden Studios was inspiring i felt very much appreciated. Nathalie the receptionist was forever smiling which gave me a sense of belonging.

As for the photo shoot i really did not envisage the outcome and i have to say the team delivered so well it has to be the greatest experience this year.

Many thanks and i hope to see you all again or should i say on a different photo shoot 🙂

Best regards,

Krish M

Krishna Mangaroo