Photoshoot – Such a great experience

Posted On: August 14, 2019
Studio: Nottingham Photography Studio, Nottingham

Firstly I’d like to say how happy I was with the whole process. From clicking that Facebook link to being stood in front of the camera. The whole process was so smooth!
After clicking the link and confirming my details I almost disregarded what I had done thinking nothing would come of it. A few days later, maybe after a couple of attempts (sorry about that) I was being called to book in with a photographer as a result of them seeing my images.
I was booked in with an amazing photographer over in Nottingham and after a short wait I was in front of the camera. The team there made me feel welcome and gave me lots of praise (helped with the confidence haha).
After that, I had endless emails with modelling Agencies asking for interviews and more images.
I processed them and chose one I felt best with and haven’t looked back since.
5 star recommendation.
Thanks guys!

David Fowling