New Life began!!!

Posted On: April 24, 2020
Studio: Birmingham Studio, Birmingham

I was an average woman, now in my late 50-s – right up to yesterday!
However, I always liked to try anything new – and enjoyed a new challenge.
A day before yesterday, just by random, on my computer screen came up an ad about to be a model, just ask to send one photo! I thought – why not try? And off I went – my last shot was sent. After I forgot about this and was busy with my work… But not for long. Next day I received a call, inviting me for a test photoshoot. In the middle of my messy working life, I agreed to attend, even didn’t think what was that about.
On the Day we with my friend and the pile of clothes came up to the studio, met with lovely, ┬áreception girl and soon I was whirled in the storm of photoshoots with a Professional Photographer! He definitely knew what he was doing. Flash! Flash! Flash! in the spin of posing I just lost a feeling of my age! Instead, after tons of positive encouragement from Harry photographer, it was just a Princess day! It was amazing! My life turned upside out and I am happy to try a new challenge – to be a model at my nearly 60! I love this and love this country, that gives me a lot of opportunities – just grab it and start a new spin!

Elena Jeanes