My experience on studio

Posted On: September 3, 2019
Studio: Melrose Studios, Bucharest

I admit on the day of the meeting I was very excited, I stayed ten minutes until I had the courage to call the intercom.
Afterwards, very confident, I met the reception lady, who gave me a very good condition, I met the photographer after I went to the booths to change my outfit, the first photos being taken outside, where I went more relaxed, I laughed with the photographer while looking for cute frames.
He followed to take the pictures in the studio, on a black and white background, after which I expected the answer in the beautiful lobby, if I took the casting.
It lasted about an hour, I went into the interview, where I had to find out if I can do modeling, after a few questions, I get the pictures and a question, if I think I took, based on the pictures, honestly speaking, until then I was not confident that I have a model look, after seeing the pictures, an insightful yes was the answer to the question asked, I will be approved that it is, I really took it.
Thanks to the team, for the beautiful experience, now I am much more confident that even if I do not have the required size with a lot of work I can do professional modeling.

Thank you very much,

Mâniosu Aurel-Marian