modelling photoshoot review

Posted On: October 14, 2019
Studio: Camden Studio, London

I had a very good experience at my shoot, everyone was very lovely and friendly. On the day, I was made to feel very welcomed and I felt very comfortable. Your photographer was amazing, I loved the outcome of my photos. I am so glad to have been signed, Jessica who I had my interview with was also amazing, she explained to me very well and clearly what would happen from this point after and how everything works which was very helpful. I’ve even already had an interview with an agency that she referred me to that took place on Friday where I’ll be signed to their agency. I also have another interview with another agency very soon. We’ve recently had a bad experience with another modelling place that falsely advertised which led us to lose hope and also confidence in my mum as she had to pay a costly bill in which we did not receive any help. But since my photoshoot and interview with you guys, you have given both me and my mum confidence in what we have recieved and I cant wait to further my career as a model and I become very successful at it as my experience and confidence as an individual grows. And for that we are very grateful for the work you do and the support you provide.

So thank you,


tiana bennett