Good experience

Posted On: June 3, 2020
Studio: Leeds Studio, Leeds

We had a good time at this test shoot. Got a call for my son to do a test shoot, our appointment was at 4:30 but when we got there we had to wait for 2hrs which was a bit of a waste of time with a 1 year old. We live out of town so couldn’t go and return, but was told this is how the industry is, so that is one thing to keep in mind. My son on the other hand was entertaining everyone and the lady in reception was really nice. The photographer was really nice as well, we were told there would have been 3 changes for him but due to lack of time we had to do 2. The pictures came out incredible tho and we realised he was a natural. We got called back in 20 mins later to say we had got accepted and if we wanted to continue. We did feel it was a little expensive but we don’t really know much about the industry so have accepted and hoping we get some bookings as the photos speak for themselves. Overall a good experience my son loved every minute.