Getting On the road

Posted On: August 14, 2019
Studio: Camden Studio, London

With work in my industry taking a downturn I have been looking for an alternative income source, not being the most dashing or youngest kid on the block I had not considered any form of modelling.
After first applying to the advertisement I was was inspired by the support and decided to see where it would take me,
the photo studio was relaxed and friendly and quickly dispensed with my fears of the cliche photo shoots you see on the tv and felt quite comfortable, I spoke with Ashlee afterwards and she  showed me some portfolios of other over fifties who are doing well in the business, this certainly helped my confidence, arriving home to see my emails and links to a new webpage and realising the support is there I have become enthusiastic about the whole idea and looking forward to getting on the road to my first casting.

Stephen Deacon