Test shoot

Posted On: January 18, 2020
Studio: Chatley Street Studio, Manchester

Hi, I am not a professional and already 42. So thought in this age basically there is nothing to loose, I took a chance and went for a shoot. Well, being not so experienced, I misunderstood some things, and I just realized that I am in the right time at the right part of Manchester, just.. without make up and hairstyle.. 🙂 So have just some minutes to find out a kind of fast solution at the provided mirror beauty-station. Certainly, I didn’t really trust in my success, doing my own make up even very seldom, when I am going for job interviews.
The shoot was all right, it was easy to work with the photographer and his colleague. He accepted those poses that I’ve alread worked out at home for the shoot in my chosen outfits, but also was happy to give additional directions, how to pose right. I was happy to work with them.

Pálma Peter