Fantastic day!

Posted On: June 30, 2020
Studio: Chatley Street Studio, Manchester

I went to the studio yesterday with my fiancé, upon arrival I was greeted by two lovely members of staff whom were very polite and caring and as it was such a hot day offered me water and a seat which was a lovely welcome.
I was given clear instructions to fill out forms from my email which didn’t take very long at all and then after maybe 20 mins they were ready for me.
My photographer was absolutely awesome! he really made me feel comfortable and was suggesting and even modelling poses for me to copy him from, he made me feel really confident and beautiful.
I waited in the studio for around an hour after this before being taken into the office to talk about how my shoot was and where to go from there which I was astounded by, I had no idea a profile could be advertised so fast and the person who dealt with me give me so much information and was very thourough about explaining every step of the way and was attentive to me often asking if I had any questions.
I left the studio so happy and had such an awesome day, I wasn’t too sure how it was going to be once I set off so the entire thing was such a pleasant experience and I am so excited to get started with my modelling career.
Thanks so much to everybody involved in making yesterday so awesome for me !

Leah Rogers