Exciting and great experience

Posted On: August 14, 2019
Studio: Camden Studio, London

My daughter really enjoyed visiting the studio yesterday for her first ever photoshoot, she was a little nervous at first but the staff were friendly and this helped to relax her and she soon got into the spirit of it in front of the camera. We did have a little to wait but that was to be expected. We came prepared with games on our phones. We were offered tea or coffee several times while we were waiting which was nice as it showed they care about their clients and want them to be comfortable while they wait. Afterwards we got called into a room and told the reason for the wait was Rebeca had been successful and they had already shown the agency and modelling management organisation her photos and they were interested in having her on their books. If we had our own portfolio this could have been considered to be used for her, however, this was our first experience and not something we had done before so I purchased the photos that were taken. Within 24hrs these were put onto her own website and she has already been contacted by the modelling management organisation . The main thing was my daughter loved the whole experience. Which is what it is all about and a big thank you to the staff for making it so enjoyable for her.

Rebeca Heslop