Excellent service

Posted On: December 8, 2019
Studio: Chatley Street Studio, Manchester

It was very hard to get there at first but I got there and they was very welcoming and was very fair with me, they did their best to see me and I could see they had faith in me, they made me smile and they made me feel comfortable, when I went for my shoot I was a bag of nerves and a lot was running through my head and I didn’t have a positive head on but they told me how I need to be and they kept me relaxed, when I went to get my results I honestly thought I didn’t succeed but I was so happy and shocked to of succeeded the staff was so supportive and told me everything I need to do so now I’m ready to be seen by two agencies and I and a step close to having my website I can’t wait to become a model and I’m sure it’ll bring out the best in me thank you to euro house studios

Morgan leadb