Every opportunity it comes out with a price which is not always the one we expect.

Posted On: July 4, 2019
Studio: Whitechapel Studios, London

I went for my first photo shooting ever into a professional studio and to be honest i was quite impressed. The people that i have meet they were open but at the same time distant, most likely i was treated with distant professionalism. They were ensuring that i been prepared for the shooting according to the requirements and soon after we started. I can add that i could have done a better job only if i had more time but unfortunately time is very precious and very limited in this industry and i should have known that from the beginning. Beyond that i believe it went well. It always can be better according to our expectations from us. In the end i can only add that: Even if we expect the worse we should follow the light that leads us to the hope for the best.

Vasile Viorel Uglean