An enjoyable photo shoot experience

Posted On: April 22, 2019
Studio: Nottingham Photography Studio, Nottingham

A thoroughly professional experience with friendly and supportive management. I found the environment for the photoshoot to be comfortable and allowed me to be more confident during my photoshoot. The photographer was very supportive and helped me to create the best pictures possible. I liked the different set designs and it allowed me to create a sense of character in each setting with my outfits. I felt I was very well prepared for the shoot in advance on what to bring with me, timings and travel. I didn’t know very much about the industry or the process moving into it so the management team were very informative and answered all my questions enabling me to understand what I was getting into. The pictures were very high quality so I was very pleased with the whole experience. One small issue I had was I did struggle a bit to find the exact building where the studio was as I felt the final directions did not match up to the signs in the area. However it didn’t take very long for me to work it out from various other signs in the area after piecing the information together.
Overall I was very excited by the whole experience and I would recommend it to anyone interested looking to invest in the start of their modelling career.

Jack Lawton