A great compliment boost before christmas

Posted On: January 10, 2020
Studio: Chatley Street Studio, Manchester

To set the scene…

I applied for a shoot in the pub after being partly bullied into it by my work mates. And I genuinely surprised that I got an invitation for a shoot – so with my little confidence I went to the shoot (which wasn’t helped by the bits of rain on my way in).

Upon arrival I immediate felt more comfortable and as time went I ended up really enjoying myself. The photographer made me relax and was friendly chap who gave clear instructions and took some great photos of me. Following that, I had a meeting to discuss the potential opportunities I was offered. The next steps were clearly explained and I felt like it I was given a good level of understanding on what to do.

Ultimately it was a massive confidence boost before christmas and a great way to the end the year and for that I thank you.


Barney Miles