The pictures were lovely

Hadn’t done any modelling before but was immediately put at ease, given great direction and felt very welcome and comfortable. Fantastic opportunities at the end and brilliant feedback to help in the future.

The staff were very helpful the photographer made me feel really comfortable and less nervous when taking photos the lady at the reception was amazing she was very welcoming such lovely people

I really loved the experience of getting a photo shoot for my little boy. I honestly believed he really enjoyed it as well. Everyone was really friendly and warm and he was able to be himself there…

I had a really nice time and the people there are so nice.

Everyone was so helpful, patient to answer my questions, friendly atmosphere!

It was a beautiful experience, something new for me. I met very nice people working there.😉😘

Absolutely loved my photoshoot, the photographer was fun, friendly and made me feel at ease. I didn’t like waiting around… next time i will bring my phone hahaha Dominic was fun though and really made me laugh…

It was very nice experince as staff was very helpful and polite 🙂 I went there an hour early then my time.

Everyone was nice would definitely recommend them to anyone

Brilliant experience we had an amazing welcoming and an amazing experience staff were so friendly and helpful and made us feel welcome straight away.

They were very helpful right away, the photographer was very helpful with his advice.

I really enjoyed my time there and the staff was really nice and professional

I did have a super amazing experience, look it is very clear and honest, you know you are to take photos and also if you want invest in yourself is up to you. I really loved my…

Comfortable and truth worthy

Easy to apply as well as being friendly on arrival and was kept up to date on everything as it was happening. Comfortable and causal. Great experience to take part in.

I was kindly greeted outside the building and showed around. The building and main areas were beautiful. When I went for my shoot I felt welcomed, comfortable and safe. I really enjoyed myself and felt like choosing…

I came with my 6 month old baby. From the moment I entered, everyone was so accomodating and helpful, particularly the wonderful receptionist. The photographer was brilliantly swift and so experienced with children and I felt safe…

We enjoyed our shoot yesterday. The studio was very hard to find (loss needs addressing in confirmation email) but once there, staff were friendly and helpful. We were given good feedback and hope to hear from an…

Excellent service

It was an amazing experience and I really enjoyed it.

As a new parent, you are automatically apprehensive about signing your child up to a model agency, I did not know what to expect from the shoot, nor did i know what to expect from my daughter!…

It was never on my radar to become a model. After being approached to attend a test shoot, I was at first sceptical and nervous, though very intrigued to find out more. The team were accommodating from…

I really enjoyed my first time in a studio and actually having two agencies wanting to work with me was even more shocking! I had an amazing time and the photos are great

I have an amazing time and the staff were kind and respectful it was an amazing experience and high recommend my family memebers and friends to try it out !

I had a great time at the studio. The people were very welcoming and friendly. It was a very comfortable and informative session. The photographer was very helpful and guided me throughout the shoot as it was…

An amazing experience with company and perfect photography your ideas, too much. Thank you

It was amazing especially the photographer he was easy to work with and made everything really easy for me I would definitely recommend they made you feel comfortable and gave great of a service the receptionist helped…

I had a great time in the studio. The people were nice and friendly and I felt at ease to poss and in general I felt good and positive energy.

It was amazing we felt so comfortable they are amazing people never regret going would definitely recommend them!!

Coming into the modelling industry I was very nervous, but modelsbookers made me feel comfortable and completely at home. The service of the photo shoot was amazing, the photographer was great and helped me become more confident….

I was a bit nervous to begin with but was made to feel comfortable right from the start. The enrollment system was easy to navigate and the photo shoot was awesome.

Great experience, very professional, little boy had a great time, would defiantly recommend. Grant made us all feel really welcome and relaxed and felt he really got to know us.

Prior to coming to the studio, I was a little nervous as I had never done modeling before. However, everyone was super friendly and guided me along the way. Although there were many clients there, they kept…

I loved the whole experience, the photographer gave good direction with poses and the make up artist was very professional and she also had all shades of foundation, I am really dark skin so its hard to…

The staff made us feel so comfortable everything was properly explained Very very highly Recommended

It was amazing

The whole experience was great and I’d recommend them to other people who are wanting to start out on a new journey. Just a great team and they made me feel very at ease and comfortable.

This is all new to me, so didn’t know what to expect. Was pleasantly surprised with everything.

Everything was perfect and the staff very welcoming and friendly.

had a great day. all shoot was very quick, staff was very friendly and helped with process.

I would say my visit was good, the only thing I would say could be improved on is if felt the photos were a bit rushed & the offices could be a bit more modern. over all…

I had a great time socialising with people

Felt comfortable and everyone was very friendly

First time at an actual photoshoot made to feel comfortable everyone was friendly and explained everything.

I am very satisfied, yesterday I went to the test photo shoot with my daughter, the photo shoot was great, today I received my daughter’s photos after paying for the package, communication was fast, the photos came…

First time doing this for our 1 year old son and was a really good day for him. Highly recommend this for anyone with kids. The only thing I would suggest is to enforce masks stricter as…

My four month old daughter and I had a great day for her first photoshoot, fab experience for her.

10000000% love these beautiful human beings changing lives

Yeah it felt good

Overall a very good experience. I attended with my 13 year old daughter Sarina. She really enjoyed it. Lots of pros and a few cons. Pros: 1. Grant was great. He made us feel at ease and…

Really great time helped me with my poses

I really enjoyed the experience as everyone who I had to interact with made the whole experience comfortable and relaxed. This was something well out of my comfort zone as I have never done anything like this…

I had a lovely time, it was great to learn more about modelling! I hope things come from receiving my portfolio.

I really enjoyed my shoot at the Whitechapel studio. It was more fun than I expected it to be and the staff made me feel super comfortable and relaxed. Thank you!

I had an amazing time, definitely worth it and so happy I went.

The shoot was well organised and was a really fun experience.

I had the best time at the shoot really professional kind welcoming and understanding great direction given to me and really pleased with the outcome

I was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience and would highly recommend others to have a go.

It was my first shoot of life. I am not a photogenic person at all. I am usually very shy in front of the camera but the environment and the nature of the cameraman and the Shara…

Had a great time at the photo shoot was made very welcome put at ease. Ffound the instruction from the photography shoot quite easy and that was my favorite part and then Liddie explained everything to me…

A very positive experience. We had to wait around quite a while but the shots were very good and the chat after was clear, friendly and helpful.

It was great fun and really good experience.

Good time

It was really good and it’s a great opportunity for younger generation to be able to show their skills and what they have got to offer

I was very happy

Very well treated working whit very professional and friendly people , love it.

I took my two children here. Staff were professional and friendly and really put them at ease and made them feel special. The photos were amazing and the children had lots of fun.

Fantastic experience

Would defo come again. Was an amazing experience. This is my why I have done a contract and a small investment to pursue this accomplishable dream. Thanks again for having me.

I had an amazing time.



This company were super friendly and helpful from arranging my appointment till now, they were very thorough and clear as well as chatty and reassuring. I was very nervous for the shoot as this is completely new…

Everyone at the studio was great. The photographer easy to follow and Dominic explained everything as well as offering some good advice. Thanks!

My daughter had a great time enjoyed all the shots

Very friendly


I went for the photo shoot with an open mind, not sure if I would be suitable or not, I really enjoyed the day, all staff were helpful and friendly and I felt really comfortable.

It has been a fantastic experience, I feel very proud because I have been able to fulfill one of my biggest dreams and thank you for giving me this great opportunity and making my dream come true…

This is honestly the best place I could ask to take my photos from. I had a really wonderful experience. It was so exciting to see how the photos came out after the shoot and of course…

Everyone was so nice and welcoming! The photographer made me feel very comfortable and confident and all of the managers were so helpful.

Such a nice peaople and i had a good experience .

I was really glad seeing everyone with a loving and kind heart

I recommended


I’ve never modeled before and this was my very first experience in front of the limelight. In the past the thought of being front and center would have have terrified me for I had very low self-esteem…

Had a really great time and loved being photographed, found the receptionist, photographer and the guy i saw to give feedback and move my modeling career very friendly and professional. It was just a shame that I…


As first experience was fabulous! I

I had a great time coming down to this studio and everyone was kind and professional especially when its my first time doing modelling, but I loved every second of being there,

Polite professional and welcoming


It was a very memorable day..was made to feel very welcome. First time experience,and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Upon arrival we was made to feel so comfortable,the lady at the desk was very lovely she talked us…

I’ve always had a low opinion of my image so my stomach was doing flips at the thought of the shoot but everyone was so welcoming, friendly and professional I settled very quickly. The shoot was over…

It was so incredible acting infront of the camera.

Excellent service has provided and had a pleasant experience

I he a really great time the reception was amazing and the photographer made photography seem easier and the motivation I recieved from the photo shoot makes me feel like can do more

Very friendly staff and great experience

A fantastic opportunity and experience

On arrival, I was welcomed. The next steps were clearly explained. Once with the photographer who made you feel so comfortable and at ease, that it did not feel like I was doing a photo shoot due…

Loved my experience at Whitechapel Studios Super-Friendly Staff. Excellent services ! Definitely coming back !

Friendly staff made you feel welcome fantastic experience

Everyone was welcoming and professional. An enjoyable experience.

Overall fantastic

I went in for my first ever test shoot yesterday – all the staff were really nice and accommodating which put me at ease right away as I was a bit nervous. The shoot was professional and…

Had a really good day thank you felt welcome


The shoot was professional and it was great.

The way the whole day was handled was amazing, all the staff were welcoming and explained everything clearly. The shoot itself was easy with the directions the photographer gave me. For someone who hasn’t done modelling at…

I though that the shoot went very well. I was made to feel relaxed, which made me perform better. The follow up session was particularly helpful for important guidance on the modelling world, what to look out…

My daughter loved her shoot and hopefully we hear something very soon. Thank you

That was good experience.

Being the first time I got a photo shoot I was quite “nervous” at the beginning. At the end It has been a really nice experience and I am glad with myself I decided to go for…

They we’re great friendly and make you feel welcome the photos are great

All the staff where super nice and easy to chat with and the experience was extremely nice. It all just good vibes

Very well organised and professional, really enjoyed my time and they really helped kick start my career.

I was very pleased with my first test shoot, the staff were very friendly and the photographer was very encouraging. I felt very comfortable in the whole procedure and would recommend it to anyone interested in starting…

Daughter had a really funny time, the photographer was really attentive to her and helpful

It was fantastic and amazing and I liked it, took good pictures and land I felt very confident

I had an amazing experience they did a great job making me feel welcome

Thank you for this amazing opportunity, to be part of this life-changing experience, and for guiding my steps in the wonderful world of modeling! I am looking forward to work in this vast and various industry, so…

I enjoyed the experience at this studio although I wish id have been more knowledgeable and prepared. Everyone was friendly and encouraging and during my photo shoot I felt comfortable with the photographer. As an inexperienced model…

An amazing experience and I 100% recommend. Lovely staff and photographers too!!

Fantastic experience

Fantastic experience for me and will make the most of it

The staff was amazing be it the reception, photographer or the advisor. All were very welcoming, kind and encouraging. The ambience of the studio was refreshing. Good experience.

I had a really great time and really enjoyed myself the staff were very friendly and made feel welcome I would recommend it to my friends

Great experience i had a really good time and definitely had something to take away from the experience

It did happen all so naturally and spontaneous, it all started on the advert on Facebook uploading a picture of myself as a chef. I then was promptly contacted by you guys to come in and book…

The photo shoot went really well my son enjoy it it was a really good experience for my son for the first time. Thank You

I liked the photos made at WhiteChapel Studios, UK. Very polite and well-organized team! Thank you!

It was nice I had a great time

Thank you so much for this opportunity and I love all the photos and the directions that a photographer gave was amazing and that’s is why it looks so beautiful

You should definitely try this, its good fun and new.. Go for it!


I had an amazing time; everyone was super friendly and a were all of our questions.

The staff were really helpful. The photographer was very knowledgeable and inspirational. The consultant Clay was very insightful and helpful

Had a great time

Great experience, great staff

We loved the way our daughter was treated and she loved to have pictures taken. also the staff was very professional!

Fantastic experience

Very professional not too long waiting and staff were friendly and approachable.

I went for a test shoot yesterday and I have to say, it was a really delightful experience. From as soon as I came in everyone was really welcoming and made me feel at ease. Tia, Lydia…

My first experience was absolutely fabulous! I enjoyed so much! All the staff was really caring and so welcoming! I was completely feeling comfortable with that, they are amazing!

My experience was immaculate. Everything about the the shoot was perfect. The workers made me feel so comfortable and being in an environment like that was beautiful. My whole experience at the shoot was just fantastic and…

A very enjoyable experience. I was made to feel at ease with the whole process. Thank you

With great commitment and exposure the life of a model is hundred percent guaranteed opportunity wise.

This was an amazing experience and I loved every single part of it. The people there were so supportive and I’m just happy and grateful for the opportunity

A fantastic experience overall and those selected are an added bonus

I found this experience amazing they gave me some great pictures and lots of support

Would recommend to others who feel they want to quick start there career in modelling. Fast fun and direct.

It was a great experience overall the staff were helpful and supportive and you get great value for money if you choose to purchase the photos and enroll in the 4-week training plan they guide ad support…

Loved the experience

It was an amazing experience I loved it so much the photographer I had helped me a lot and made me feel so happy and did an excellent job in them photos

Professional and polite

It was something different for me because I never have done a professional photo shoot. I really liked it because I could get a notion of how things work, how things really work. The staff was quite…

I had a really lovely great experience

Lovely welcoming company ☺ looked after my son well

I thought that it was altogether an extremely positive experience for me as I had not done a professional photo shoot since 2005 !! From the start where I received a phone call to confirm the location…

I came down unsure of what the process was, the lady in the reception helped me through everything and we went by everything step by step. The photographer was calm and collected and very easy to work…


Company we all wish to work with

Had an amazing time and learnt a lot of things to do in preparation to be at my best for future shoots

I have had a fantastic experience all the staff was so polite !

This was my first ever shoot and I was made to feel really welcome. All the staff were friendly and helpful. The whole experience from the shoot to the consultation was very professional and the day ran…


It was great. The staff were amazing and I had a great time.

Loved it lovely team

I really enjoyed the experience and would love to go further into it see where it can take me. Thank you

It was a very exciting modelling experience.

Had an amazing time. Very well looked after too.

Fantastic experience


Went for daughter’s model for the first time. Lost when arrived but lady help me and text me which make easier for me especially i am deaf so there is great access. Everything went smooth, photographer ask…

Was very professional and quite laid back too was waiting for a bit but that didn’t matter someone even offered to go shop for us because we was waiting for a while so all in all was…

I’m really liked. Fantastic experience

My little one came for a test photo shoot at the Leeds studio, from the moment we got there everyone was so friendly and helpful. We was informed from start to finish what was going to happen…

Great amazing experience. Take my free test photo shoot. Studio of Leeds. Great atmosphere lovely people and very professional and yes I waited a bit but not that long. Take a book with you and time will…

I really enjoyed my time at the studio yesterday, the photographer also really helped me to learn and adjust to being in front of the camera. I was also taught a few tips in how to change…

Very realistic and inspiring to me, it’s a Job well done.

I attended the test shoot, and what I could say is all the staff members are friendly and professional. I really like the environment, it is nice, clean, fashionable and chill. Besides, I like the photos taken…

I’m pleased that I had the chance to work with the team from this studio.They so welcoming and make you feel comfortable .I had fantastic connection with the staff and I’ll happily return anytime

It was my first time in front of the camera professionally. of course I was nervous, but as soon as I stood in front of the camera the photographer made me feel so at ease. To say…

Had great time

Lydia and her team were brilliant! The photographer helped me to give the best of me with no pressure and their professionalism and expertise was important to help me feel confident and at home since the beginning…

I loved every part of the experience. Friendly staff put me at ease and produced great photos. Hopefully the start of something really exciting?

Like I mentioned before it was veryInformative and I learnt a lot within the hours spent there. The staff were very helpful and kind the receptionist was very informative on any questions that I asked the cameraman…

I had a really great few hours and loved the photoshoot, I’m now hooked! I went along to the photoshoot with the full understanding the assessment for potential modelling was free and that if I decided to…

I enjoyed my experience, mostly because of the staff, especially Lydia, she’s amazing. Just wish there was less waiting around. Thanks xxx

My daughter was invited for a free photo shoot after applying on a whim! She absolutely loved the experience and was lucky enough to get some interest from agencies at the end of it. We decided to…

The receptionist was particularly helpful and friendly; as well as the consultant. The whole day ran smoothly and the end result was great!

I enjoyed yesterday my first ever photoshoot it is really fantastic friendly staff recommend this studio.

It was an unexplainable experience I love all the staff they were really kind including Lydia

As earlier said, it was a Fantastic Experience, all the staffs on duty were very lovely, welcoming, and supportive. They were very friendly; they are always smiling when speaking to you that made me very happy and…

I had a great time with the photographer, very nice guy

I had a good experience. They said from the off that jobs are never a guarantee and that they do not book the jobs for you. (but very helpful and give advice) We had our photo shoot,…

Great time

I had an amazing time at the studio, the staff carried out their duties professionally. I was talked through the whole process and it was seamless. Great team! Keep it up guys!


My Granddaughter had a fantastic time. She was treated so well as she was worried, They put her at ease. The place was clean well presented and inline with covid restrictions

With my adaptable, flexible personality and my outstanding work ethic, I excel in providing top-notch modeling service and maximum client satisfaction while promoting products and goods across various industries


The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. although the wait time was longer than expected, with a three month baby that could be quite difficult, it was still worth the time. they took great pictures of my…

Friendly helpful service felt very comfortable

Despite a few problems on the day the team were great and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. I got some great shots too.

I was very nervous to walk into the photoshoot, but the team were so friendly and made me at ease instantly. It was a fun environment with great music. The photographer was very patient with me and…

Staff was amazing and respectful had an amazing time

It was an excellent experience

Amazing had the best time ever

I enjoyed it and I highly recommend and made me feel happy in myself and loved every bit of it x

I was a little nervious at the start coming but the staff were all so lovely so they put me at ease which made my experience fantastic.

I absolutely loved my shoot at studio Birmingham I left feeling so much more confident in myself and my looks.the photographer was amazing and made me feel really comfortable in front of the camera.thank you so much…

I had never tried modelling before but because of the team it really help boost my confidence and I feel I should go forward with it


Had a great time was so nervous at first but after a couple photos i started to really enjoy it.

I really enjoyed my test shoot. The people working at the studio were very nice and fun to work with! They made my day 🙂

Everyone was really positive there I feel so comfortable and valuable myself

It was an amazing experience and it wa so enjoyable, the staff was so polite.

I had a amazing time and I felt comfortable with the environment

Had a great time

Great experience for my little one, the atmosphere, the people working there made my daughter happy .

Jumping trains and hopping buses fro Reading to your Whitechapel studios was for me a battle with so many unknowns! I never thought I could be the main focus of the lense. I just pulled my most…

I had a wonderful day here.

I think they’re a great studio and are lovely people

Mya really loved her shoot, reception was very welcoming the camera lady was lovely really helped Mya feel comfortable with the teddy’s and Music. Clay gave us so much knowledge about the whole modelling industry. Mya is…

First time Corben has done this and he loved every minute. He was made feel welcome everyone was lovely. id definitely recommend the company.

I had a very good time at the photoshoot, enjoyed every second of it. The staff is so nice, thanks to them I wasn’t nervous and be able to focus of myself.

Totally enjoyed the experience.Vicki filled me with confidence at the later interview . Started to get my head around all the different access elements for the website etc.

It was an amazing experience and all the staff was so friendly and helped. The photographer was amazing.

It was a great experience with homely people and services. All of the staffs are very friendly with sweet smile. Heartily appreciated 🥰

Great Time, helpful staff and good opportunities ahead.

I enjoyed every minute of this shoot and I felt so confident due to being instructed on how to pose which was such a big help!! The wait wasn’t long either and everything went well.

WONDERFUL. Fantastic staff

Cody’s first photo shoot from start to finish all staff was friendly helpful constantly making sure we was OK. Can’t remember the males name he was on the desk but he made our half hour wait for…

I was quite impressed by the style of work at the studios. I had a great chat with the Director/Consultant Louise. She was quite good at asking questions. I would love to work as a freelance photographer,…

I learned a lot from the shoot and it has inspired me to try make it into a career

A very fun experience

I was very excited and it was really awesome

I had never done any modelling before and received a great introduction. The staff were very friendly and welcoming and great to work with. They explained exactly what is required and took some wonderful pictures. I have…

I was quiet impressed with the location of the studio and also the photographer was quiet helpful. Also the manager made me to feel good as i got 2 sign ups already and i become so excited.

I never saw myself as a model but after being invited to take part in the shoot and receiving offers of contracts that very same day, I definitely was amazed at how smooth and fast the whole…

Nice little cozy place , very professional and safe at this difficult times ,strongly recommend it. Lydia was full of energy even after whole working day.

I was extremely nervous at first, however, everyone was lovely and kind and made for a great new experience.

Amazing team, amazing experience

The team where really professional and the instructions I was given where clear and direct and the most important thing for me on the day was, they made you comfortable and made sure you understood exactly what…


Warm welcome upon arrival, nice atmosphere with music but a bit of a long wait until photoshoot. Overall, great experience with upcoming jobs

Very professional and friendly team, they created a nice atmosphere and provided me with guidance.

This company is one of the best and working with them gives you more exposure to the modeling industry

An amazing day and fantastic people to deal with! Very impressed Indeed.

Pleasant experience

Overall the staff was very good and helpful, I liked the place but one of the staff was very abusive and her name is Miss/Mrs. Jade, this kind of people put bad influence on the company reputation.

I had a fantastic experience with studio bookers and it has opened doors to many opportunities

It was amazing, I had the best experience of my life. All the people were so kind and nice, with sense of humor. I waited for a quite long time but I have no complains because they…

For me it was a new nerve racking experience but they made the journey smooth and were supportive and understanding. Overall it was a positive experience and very encouraging.

I love every bit. I went to studio to get my daughter accessed,would say I very pleased with the reception we received. The receptionist was very kind and everyone was welcoming.

It was one of the best experiences in recent years in which we lived taking photos, but that they took them as a model was really fantastic.

I had a great time

It was a great experience and I’m happy to be working with y’all

This was a life changing experience for me. I felt that I could break out of my shell and have fun. It boosted my confidence and I would definitely do this again in a heartbeat. The photographer…

Fantastic experience

I loved it, photographer was great and Grant helped explain everything to me!

For my very first modelling experience, I loved my time at the studio. The photographer made me feel completely at ease and very comfortable. I was quite nervous, but all of the staff made me feel so…

It was an amazing experience

Had a fantastic time there and I could t have felt more welcomed or comfortable in my life.

I thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot. The photographer had a lot of experience and the atmosphere at the studio was warm.

This was my first photoshoot, I will never forget! Good atmosphere in the studio, tips from the photographer were the key because I don’t have any experience in modelling. The feedback was amazing, I wasn’t expecting such…

A great experience, first time in front of a professional camera. Really confidence boosting! All the staff were enthusiastic, encouraging and professional, really put me at ease. Loved every minute of it! Really looking forward to what…

Great experience and everyone was so nice i have had great positive feedback which is now progressing forward. I’m so very happy .

Who knew there could be a studio brimming with confidence, chic and class. You’re made to feel like you’re more than just an ordinary person the moment you step through the door. The photographer there helps you…

I would like to say B I G : T H A N K YOU for the day that I spend in your agency. It was a new experience for me especially when it comes to the…

I had a really good time

So pleased that I had my photoshoot yesterday. Such a great team

Amazing experience highly recommend

It was amazing

Yes very good

Was a fantastic experience hopefully will get work from it will be fun photography was excellent in giving me direction to put myself really enjoyed it

I highly enjoyed my experience with the studio, staff were all friendly and accommodating. I felt very safe with the covid measures that we’re in effect and felt very comfortable in the environment. I’d be happy to…

The experience from start to finish was five star. You are let in by a smiling happy and well presented lady who was incredibly welcoming and helpful. The photo shoot was so well handled and professional, again…

I had a great time at the studio, people are very nice and try to make you feel comfortable, help to prepare to take best photos. I really enjoyed it

It was great and I had an incredible time.

My experience with the staff was excellent, I did enjoyed my shoot. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Gave me confidence and I learned a lot from them as well.

It was a good experience

I had a wonderful experience at the shoot and it showed me to be more comfortable in front of the camera and just to be myself and be relaxed. The photographer showed me different positions of posing…

I was very nervous initially about having a Professional photoshoot done however, from the moment I stepped foot into their studio I felt relaxed and reassured from their excellent welcoming and the familiar music being played. I…

Woild recommend for anyone who is starting out in the industry and needs help

It was a very good experience. I had a lot of fun.

Very positive. The ladies there do a really good job

It was a great chance for me to achieve something different

I had a wonderful time at the studios. From the beginning itself, all the instructions and everything was very clearly communicated via email, along with a proof of travel. Upon arrival I the sanitization is also taken…

This company has done wonders for me and starting off my modelling career, all the staff were helpful and friendly and I had so much fun with the photo shoot and they have really kick started my…

Highly recommend the Studio in Whitechapel. The Studio is easy-going and friendly.

All the staff are very supportive enjoyed a lot and will attend again


Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to pursue a career in modelling and if they want to expand on their portfolio. Quick and easy to apply

I had a great time and met great people and would do it again.

I was really nervous at first to venture into modeling but they made it really easy from the shoot to the advice and guidance i was really happy i chose modelstudio

I still trying to process the experience. It was unexpected, fun. And I’m a model now, apparently…. Yeah great man!

It was the best the experience ever! I loved it. the people were very kind and respectful. They took very good pictures of me and I loved them. They made me pass through the barrier of smiling…

Nice and new experience

I loved it the place look really nice the staff were very friendly speedily my photography he helped me a lot thank to him. The advisor gave me great advice to my next step over all I…

Great experience everyone was nice and I had a good time

I really enjoyed it and I learnt a lot . It is amazing I recommend

It was the most fantastic experience. The photographer was really reassuring, Friendly, supportive, and put me at ease. I was able to showcase my talent effortlessly in front of the camera because of how positive and relaxed…

I like and happy to visit there good experience

All is the best

I felt so happy and safe with all staff. Amazing first photo shoot

It’s a best place for shoot and professional service we received with utmost respect and patience

Well, I could say it was an amazing experience. I feel very happy beacuse it was un expected experience, every shoot delighted my life. When I see my shoots I see a great moment showing unforgetable time….

My experience was new and exciting! It was done very professionally and the staff made me feel extremely welcome and comfortable. I had a lot of laughs with the staff, allowing me to ease my nerves. When…


It’s good experience

I have never been a model before and I really enjoyed the experience talking with Jaimie the photographer who makes you feel very relaxed and like a friend you know all your life helping you not to…

I feel it was a formative experience for building my confidence for doing photo shoots. Also I didn’t expect the opportunity given for training to be a social media influencer. I don’t have much sense when it…

My experience with Studio Brooks was fantastic. I was running late but still they were very patient with me. They were very helpful throughout the photoshoot. Regularly calling me to give good directions and making sure I…

The staff (including the photographer and receptionist) were very friendly. The photographer was very reassuring.

It was an amazing experience. Everyone was lovely.

At first, I was very scared to do it, but thank God for one of my cousins. Without her, I would have probably cancelled and never tried. The environment seemed very friendly and the people at the…

Lovely and friendly environment! I have had a wonderful experience.

Visiting the Whitechapel studio was a great opportunity. Being the first time having a modelling shoot I was extremally nervous as I was unaware of what to expect but the members of staff were really friendly and…

My experience with model studio was amazing from start to finish. I’m not normally a very confident person, and this being my first time at a modelling audition I was treated amazingly, i felt very comfortable both…

This was one of the best experiences I have ever done . Staff was lovely and it was progressional and kept to the government guidelines and really made me feel o for table and have a perfect…

Location wasn’t the best because it was a very intimidating area of Manchester. the staff was polite, friendly and welcoming and very helpful with directions when found myself lost. The photographer was very professional and helped as…

Lovely studio and friendly staff. Could not have asked for a better time at my shoot!

Everyone was warm and welcoming when we arrived, the place was clean and inviting. The photographer was friendly and accommodating. Fran was very kind and looked after us extremely well, making sure we were all happy with…

My daughter did a photo shoot she’s 2 years old and loved it the staff was very friendly.

I had a great time at the photo shoot, was a nice experience

It was my first time shooting so I was a bit tense and shy lol. But as the shoot went on I started to relax and find my rhythm. And the shoot turned out to be fun….

I had an amazing time and discovered so much that i never have before

I’ve learned a lot from my photo shoot. I loved that people working there have such positive energy, they all let me feel safe/ welcome however professional in management. I am so pleased I that I had…

Every thing was so well it was priceless it was fun everyone was really kind and respectful. The studio was clean the staff was really sweet.

I had an amazing experience and I’m so glad I meet so many professional people

It was my first ever photo shoot and the photographer made me feel at ease, guided me along but also pushed me to try on my own! I had so much fun and wanted to do it…

I’ve learned a lot from my first casting shoot. I loved that people working there have such positive energy, however disciplined in management. I am happy I have had such opportunity to shoot with them and have…

It’s a great place do photoshoots in, and they are really nice and welcoming and helpful

Love the staff

Very friendly, warm, and professional service. Great attitude by the staff. Would highly recommend.

My experience was a nice one, I felt comfortable, the people from there are really nice and I received the motivation I needed to start with a positive set mind my career.

I went along to the studio with my 14 year old with very little idea of what I was going to. Natalie was very friendly and gave us a warm welcome. We did have to wait an…

Was met at the door by a very happy and friendly young lady who’s name I an ashamed to say I forgot to ask, being a bit of a dinosaur I was having trouble completing the online…

There were clear directions and it was a very professional shoot. Everyone at the agency was warm and had a helpful approach to bring out the best in someone. This was a cherishable first experience and a…

It was really fun and I really enjoyed it


It was a great experience and everyone was professional and very nice.

The studio was nice and cool and i think they will need a bit more lights

Had a good time, it was great practice and I learnt a lot.

The photographer made me feel very welcomed and calm. I would definitely recommend to others.

It’s amazing experiende, had a great time and seeing my daughters excitement and enjoying the moment , twas indeed a lovely experience.

First time my daughter had a photo shoot. Being on slightly larger size she was very nervous. Everyone was very helpful and made her feel at ease, providing tips for poses. She enjoyed the experience very much…

Everyone was really friendly and welcoming. Inside the studio was spotless and clean and looked really nice. I really enjoyed myself.

I very enjoyed this photo shoot, because I have experience from previous one this was pleasure. Thank for your time guys, nice stuff.

I loved it so much and I’m so happy we got this opportunity.

Had a good time at this agency. The photo shoot was very good and the the photographer was very professional. I would undoubtedly recommend this agency for anyone who wants to kick start their career in modelling….

Great and happy time for my son

I really enjoyed my time being in front of the cameras. The photographer made me feel comfortable.

Loved my Day it was fantastic and enjoyed every second of it with polite helpful photographer and polite welcoming staff!

Overall a very positive experience

I wasn’t really sure at first but one time I was there I’ve had the best experience of last time. Everyone was cute and made me comfortable

Was welcomed when first entered and then was explained everything from there. When I went and done the shoot he was very supportive and welcoming and made me feel comfortable. When I came out the shoot I…

Had an amazing experience, went in feeling nervous but was made to feel at ease, everyone was helpful and I left happy having really enjoyed the experience feeling a lot more confident.

Great experience, lovely people and overall existing day

I have no regrets, it was an incredibly fun time


My daughter Scarlett-rose loved having her shoot she wasn’t camera shy a tall and felt very at ease and to hear her feedback was amazing with in 20 minutes we was called in to hear what they…

Nice and chilled. Photographer made it easy to feel comfortable. Emma really good at explaining everything afterwards to help you for the onwards journey.

I had a nice day

I had a really good experience. All the staff were extremely helpful and overall just amazing. So thank you all for the experience.

My shoot was amazing and has really encouraged me to go for my dream

I was quite nervous to begin with but the whole experience from arranging my booking on the phone to speaking to Clay at the end of the shoot, couldn’t have been better. Not only was the receptionist…

fantastic experience a real confidence booster

Was so nervous at first but staff were really nice to help calm my nervous. Was so happy to get accepted and hope soon start my career in modelling.

I received an email so I applied and Invited to Birmingham, Everything was very well organised and some of the best photos I have seen were taken. All in all a great experience.

It was an excellent experience. I had good time. Team was so nice and positive.

On arrival I was greeted by 2 lovely members of staff who put me at ease throughout the morning. My photo shoot was something new, exciting and a rejuvenating experience. Just the pick me up before reaching…

It was a little new for me, however, the people there were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable. I also had a lot of fun doing the whole shoot.

It was an amazing experience

The staff was great and made me feel comfortable

We were greeted out of the rain by a very polite young man who happened to be the photographer and were shown into the reception area which despite the COVID secure space was comfortable and welcoming. An…

From start to finish every person I spoke to was extremely friendly and made the experience a comfortable one. In particular, the shoot itself suprised me. I was nervous before going in and expected a serious shoot…


The staff was very friendly and helpful made me feel comfortable


What a fantastic crew. All of them are very welcoming and made us all comfortable. We came with my two boys for their photoshops, both of them had a great time. All the photos taken were brilliant….

Being my first experience they made me feel very good. My experience with the photographer was great. He is a very nice person with good treatment. Very efficient administrative service especially the manager who took great care…

I’d recommend to anyone

All the staff are very warm and welcoming. They made us all comfortable. The boys had a great time with their photo shoot. We’ve got what we came for. Thank you very much!


Had a blast, beautiful team and such a friendly atmosphere

Very relaxing and encouraging shoot, the photographer was lovely and gave very clear instructions, the only thing is to be prepared for a long wait afterwards and plan parking, would definitely do it again 🙂

Studio Boulevard very nice place and people and got my free pictures

I had a great time. I was a bit sceptical at first however the people at the studio made me at ease and I was able to just enjoy myself and have fun with the camera. It…

I had a fantastic time the staff were lovely, easy to talk to. Very professional. Would recommend this studio to everyone.

The staff are all very friendly , the photographer is efficient Thanks her add one more shot, just I have not received these last pictures Hope you can send me or add to my personal links page…

Really enjoyed the shoot very friendly and professional.

I really enjoyed my time there , great experience with a ovely and experienced team , really recommend it.

This was a great experience that got me out of my comfort zone

I had the best time and everyone made me feel so comfortable as it was my first shoot 🙂

People were friendly and made me feel comfortable

Great experience

Though it was a long wait it was worth it in the end because the pictures came out so good and it was just an amazing experience and I hope I am able to continue this journey…

Was an amazing experience loved every minute of it

Love it, I had great experience

It was great

I was made to feel very welcome and i felt i was guided through every step by professionals.

Had a great experience


Since i walked in , i felt that i am dealing with Professionals. I felt very welcome , even though was my first time in Modelling studio, i felt welcome. I was treated with friendliness, and warmth…

The team were very warm and welcoming which put me at ease as this was my first experience within the industry. I found the strategy and organisation of the shoot was very good. It was a really…

I had a really great time at the studio, the team members made me feel very comfortable, the photographer managed to take me out of my shell I was very shy at beginning, the manager helped me…

This was completely new for me and I was glad to be able to experience it. However, it took a lot longer than expected and I wish there would have been a little warning beforehand as I…

Fantastic service very welcoming photographer made me feel confident and comfortable and great day in all

I had an amazing day, reception desk made me welcome which was nice and I felt comfortable, the photographer was amazing and the meeting afterwards was awesome

I’ve always wanted to enter the world of modelling but never had the confidence, I went to the studio expecting just pictures to be taken. Never ever did I imagine I would have left with a portfolio…

Emily is 20 months, the team were very understanding and great when working with her. Despite the long waiting time we had a successful shoot and good day out.

A very good experience where I was made to be very welcome

This was my first time doing a photo shoot and I enjoyed every minute. Defiantly got me out my comfort zone which I’m happy it did. Just want to thank the team once again.

Five stars

Very welcoming studio, photography was great, very pleased with the photographs.

Best thing I’ve ever done thoroughly enjoyed it.

Firstly, I was greeted by an enthusiastic guy who made me feel instantly comfortable during the shoot. He used humour amongst other techniques to help me relax. Then it came to signing agreements and the lady I…

I went to Whitechapel studio being open minded and found it quite fun and relaxed as the photographer was approachable and started Conversation conversation with me to let me know what he’s trying to achieve in the…

It was a good photography session. Adam the manager was very helpful and impressed with the work.

Great company for new models. Every explained well and plenty of time to ask questions. Had a great time. Easy to work with and relaxed. Photographer was very welcoming and friendly.

A great experience. Loved it

I enjoyed the shot

Had a great time. Professional

I attended Eurohouse in Manchester yesterday. I was so nervous about doing this as this was something I have never done before however, the staff were very professional and made me feel comfortable. I was really happy…

Had a fantastic experience. Would recommend

My experience to start with as a first time was totally nervous waiting my turn. Though once it got going I seemed to get a confidence boost. While waiting for the out come of it all the…

I will like to thank all sort agency for this opportunity and also for this great experience.

I would recommend anyone to try this for themselves.

I had such a fantastic time, the photographer made me feel at ease and comfortable, the staff members were really professional and welcoming. Such a great experience

my first photo shoot photographer made me feel at ease and all staff was polite and helpful  

Lovely experience at my first photo shoot. I am very happy with all the staff, all very friendly and good vibes.

Had a great time really nice and friendly people and really good experience

This experience has been a great confidence boost an all staff were friendly and supportive. I feel I could potentially gain great opportunities from this experience.

Was a really good photo shoot and I’m excited for the future

Lovely people had an amazing time

It was a great experience to shoot with this company. Staff is so friendly and helping.

Thank you for all the patients with my 3 kids I am so happy for them thanks for all the support

The experience I had was very positive and it felt great getting in front of a camera again

I visited Euro House Studio in Salford, on 12th December 2020. I had never taken part in a photoshoot before and I had no idea what to expect. The staff at the studio soon put my mind…

Great environment, everyone was friendly and welcoming.

New experience to me but I enjoyed it thoroughly, the studio had an extremely welcoming presence.

A very entertaining afternoon very organized and really professional. We are happy with the photo session. Thanks very much

Took my 4 month old to try his first professional photoshoot. They were lovely and kind throughout the whole experience. Very pleased with the outcome of the photos, would highly recommend this company.

I was very nervous once I attended the studio, although I found everyone was friendly and so welcoming, I cannot explain how amazing the photographer was he gave me tips and help and was genuinely really kind.

It was a beautiful experience! Very friendly staff! Thank you!

Thank you so much for my experience and shoot

Jonah had a great experience , and enjoyed himself , it was his first ever photo shoot and was made to feel relaxed and confident

This was my 7 year olds only second experience at a photo shoot and it was fantastic. She had a lovely time and has asked when she can do it again. The photographer was brilliant with Katie…

I liked it very much and I would like to work with you as soon as possible. I had my first photoshoot here at Whitechapel Studio and I made great things. You helped me to continue my…

Had an excellent experience. As a photogenic person, I loved it very much! Can’t wait to see what else is in store for the future. Exciting times ahead!

Brilliant Experience I totally enjoyed it. I was really nervous and all my nerves gone in seconds felt very comfortable.

Thank for the fantastic opportunity.

This photo shoot was a great opportunity that I wanted to try out. It did not disappoint at all. This was a fantastic experience that I’ll never forget!

Had a great time throughout the whole photo shoot, the staff were kind and considerate. The photos came out well, which made me feel more confident.

I decided to take a leap of faith as a 43 year old man to see if I had what it takes to be a model. The communication and engagement from Model studio was efficient from first…

Great staff, really friendly and comfortable, I would recommend.

It was a great experience, the photographer and staff were great, and put me at ease completely.

Everyone who your in contact with big smile are warm voice that made me feel at ease and less nervous.

Felt really good in myself and the shoot made myself very confident

Staff were friendly and welcoming. Photographer was very friendly and made me comfortable.